getting serious


I’ve finally decided to start a proper blog about my work, but I’ll have to digress a bit..maybe not all the way back to 1990-something when I made my first sale…or is that 1980-something?

Maybe I’ll start with Etsy, because that’s what’s made the biggest difference to my artisan career in the last little while. I joined Etsy in 2006, but I didn’t really get involved until this last Autumn.

What did Etsy do for me? Well, I’ve been a serious full-time working artisan for sometime…selling my jewellery on-line and locally, with websites and all, but Etsy forced me to look closely at the amazing work others are doing all over the world…and to see my work alongside it.

Usually, I look at others’ handi-work in small doses, and it never really gets easy. I might think “Oh, why didn’t I think of that?” way too much. But now that I’ve been on Etsy almost daily for about 3 months, I’m feeling stronger and almost immune to craft-envy.

There are a lot of talented artists with tight work and fantastic photos on Etsy….and I’ve been pushed to 1. improve my photographs, 2. improve my marketing skills, and, most importantly, 3. seriously evaluate my ‘work’ on a regular basis.

I’m a bit of a starter…I love to start things. The challenge is follow-through. Like, I wonder how many posts I’ll get onto this blog! So, to deal with such tendencies, I try to think in terms of ‘projects’. However, I can still have perhaps a tad too many projects on the go at one time! If you’ll look at my jewelry today, on my website, or on Etsy, you’ll see a lot of different styles going on. I don’t know if I’ll ever give that up…that’s what keeps it interesting…experimenting, problem solving new-techniques. But, being somewhat overwhelmed with all of the interesting and varied things that people are doing on Etsy, is helping me to gain some focus with my work. I’m happy to have enamelling and felt-work on the back burner for now. And I need to really prune the selection that I put on Etsy.

It’s kind of like when I walk past an amazing find left out on someone’s curb. That sweet old table-chair-fondue set-crutches-cat scratch pole-fill in the blank- might be a very useful items that do still have value, but they don’t have to end up in my home. Someone will find them. I am learning to keep on walking!