Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to Dawn M. From Jupiter, Florida, who won her choice of a handmade glass pendant from my Etsy shop. Dawn chose this very special Copper Patina Bubble Pendant. It is kiln-fired and contains a long air bubble trapped in the glass. The colour is from oxidized patina also embedded within the glass. I hope to be able to make more of these soon!
Copper Patina Bubble Glass Pendant

Pendant Image Contest…

Leila Cools Fused Glass PendantsMy image pendants are my most popular these days. I often get requests for custom images, or images that I hadn’t really thought of. Sometimes it results in a lot of work and sometimes it results in new designs that I may not have gotten around to otherwise.

Last weekend at Trinity Bellwoods Outdoor Art Sale, part of QWAC, I received some cool image requests…but I want more…and I want help finding great images…so, I am starting a CONTEST!

The requirement: send me an image.
The prize: The winner will receive a pendant for themselves and for a buddy.
The deadline: Oct 31st, 2010.

More details…

1. Send me an original (not copyrighted) jpeg of at least 200 pixels in width or height, but no more than 1000 pixels (width or height). It could be a doodle, a photograph, out-of-copyright clipart, etc. Simple, high contrast is best. Try looking at a very small version of your image and see if it is recognizable. (If you are not sure, send it anyway…I may be able to convert it into a line drawing or silhouette etc.)

2. I will choose my fave image from all the entries, and the person who sent it in will receive two original pendants in their choice of colors, made with that image, with free worldwide shipping for both pendants, plus a 25% discount on all future pendants with that same image.

Note: by sending in an image, you are giving me permission for full use the image on future pendants if it chosen as a winner. I will not use non-winning images without permission.

Not sure what I am talking about? Check out my current designs and images at my Etsy shop.

……How do you get the image to me? Send me a message with IMAGE CONTEST the subject line or message body using the contact form on the sidebar of this blog, or here, and I will reply by my email, and further instructions, if needed.

Thanks! and Good Luck!