In Toronto?

Here are the upcoming Toronto shows where I will be selling my glass work this season…
Saturday November 24, 2012 | 10th Mondo Bazaar |  Gladstone Hotel (Queen/Dufferin) | 10-5 | Free Admission
Thursday December 13, 2012 | 18th Annual CBC Charity Craft Sale |  CBC Atrium, 250 Front St. West | 8:30-5:30 | Free
Dec 7 to Dec 18, 2012 | The Collective | Triangle Gallery, 38 Abell St just west of Queen/Dufferin) | 11-6 Daily | Free

Please visit and tell your friends!

My work is also available at several stores in Toronto:

Red Pegasus 628 College St at Grace,
Arts on Queen 2198 Queen St E Beaches
Made You Look Accessories 1273 Queen St W, Parkdale (south side)
Wise Daughters 3079 Dundas St W at Quebec Ave, Junction
Fresh Collective 401 Roncesvalles Ave
Fresh Collective 692 Queen St West (between Bathurst and Ossington)
Fresh Collective 274 Augusta,  Kensington Market
El Pipil 267 Danforth, East of Broadview
Freedom Clothing Collective 939 Bloor St West of Ossington
Beadle 1582 Dundas St W at Brock
Clay Design Harbord St at Brunswick





Trying to familiarize myself with twitter today. I’ve had an account for awhile but I don’t get it. How do people keep track of all those tweets? Some people tweet several times a day – links to new items or etsy treasuries. Apparently, I’m supposed to alternate between interesting and perhaps humorous observations and the spammy item links. Hmm.

Came across this post and am decided to follow the instructions provided on how to do a twitter giveaway. Of course, I only have 40 followers to start- all doing what I do – but we’ll see how it goes!

Art in the Park…

Queen West Art CrawlOne week later I am finally unpacked from last weekend’s Queen West Art Crawl. Thank you to everyone who visited my booth! I don’t do many shows but the Trinity Bellwoods Outdoor Art Show is practically in my back yard and is new enough to be exciting and established enough to draw a serious crowd. It’s a also a nice place to spend two days. This year I saw a lot of people walking away with what looked like serious fine art purchases. Toae watch out!
But the highlight of the show this year? Besides the weather, which was fantastic, and besides the beautiful guitar music…it was the food. I am still thinking about the pulled pork sandwiches from Lou Dawgs, and the yummy dumplings and egg rolls from another food vendor. I want more!

The Workshop Collective’s Artisan Holiday Sale

Please stop by our artisan market on Queen Street in Parkdale next weekend!

1380 Queen St W.

Sat Dec 5, 11-6
Sun Dec 6, 12-6


Saturday Dec 5th:

Ahara Holistic : Natural Skincare Products and Super Healthy Baked Products
more info…

Amita Sen Gupta : Gift size paintings, larger paintings, art cards

Leila Cools : Fused glass jewellery, photography
etsy shop

Vintage Baby Revival : Classic kids knits with an old school feeling made especially for baby.
etsy shop

Sarah Smile Creations : Handcrafted Eco Felt Cushions

Shanelle Smith : Handcrafted Jewellery
etsy shop

Sunday Dec 6th:

Ahara Holistic : Natural skincare products and super healthy baked products
more info…

Amita Sen Gupta : Gift size paintings, larger paintings, art cards

Leila Cools : Fused glass jewellery, photography
etsy shop

Claire Manning : Handmade embroidered and screened tea towels, hand printed greeting cards

Jeanie Schlegel Jewellery : Vintage, romantic style jewelry

Coco Boudoir : Distinctive and interesting accessories using beautiful, exotic materials including feathers, blossoms, and vintage jewelry.

getting serious


I’ve finally decided to start a proper blog about my work, but I’ll have to digress a bit..maybe not all the way back to 1990-something when I made my first sale…or is that 1980-something?

Maybe I’ll start with Etsy, because that’s what’s made the biggest difference to my artisan career in the last little while. I joined Etsy in 2006, but I didn’t really get involved until this last Autumn.

What did Etsy do for me? Well, I’ve been a serious full-time working artisan for sometime…selling my jewellery on-line and locally, with websites and all, but Etsy forced me to look closely at the amazing work others are doing all over the world…and to see my work alongside it.

Usually, I look at others’ handi-work in small doses, and it never really gets easy. I might think “Oh, why didn’t I think of that?” way too much. But now that I’ve been on Etsy almost daily for about 3 months, I’m feeling stronger and almost immune to craft-envy.

There are a lot of talented artists with tight work and fantastic photos on Etsy….and I’ve been pushed to 1. improve my photographs, 2. improve my marketing skills, and, most importantly, 3. seriously evaluate my ‘work’ on a regular basis.

I’m a bit of a starter…I love to start things. The challenge is follow-through. Like, I wonder how many posts I’ll get onto this blog! So, to deal with such tendencies, I try to think in terms of ‘projects’. However, I can still have perhaps a tad too many projects on the go at one time! If you’ll look at my jewelry today, on my website, or on Etsy, you’ll see a lot of different styles going on. I don’t know if I’ll ever give that up…that’s what keeps it interesting…experimenting, problem solving new-techniques. But, being somewhat overwhelmed with all of the interesting and varied things that people are doing on Etsy, is helping me to gain some focus with my work. I’m happy to have enamelling and felt-work on the back burner for now. And I need to really prune the selection that I put on Etsy.

It’s kind of like when I walk past an amazing find left out on someone’s curb. That sweet old table-chair-fondue set-crutches-cat scratch pole-fill in the blank- might be a very useful items that do still have value, but they don’t have to end up in my home. Someone will find them. I am learning to keep on walking!