I was walking home from my wall at the Gladstone Hotel this afternoon, having replenished my supply of postcards, and made a detour through local alleys for photographs of the latest alley-art and finds, when I passed by an art show that I could not pass up. The venue, the empty shell of an auto garage with the front completely open, was already inviting. The sign board on the sidewalk was the clincher. It was a print of one of Jon Reed’s paintings-an interior of a Toronto streetcar. I love the everyday and overlooked made special. My favorite is a painting of “Toronto’s Ugliest” apartment building.

Jon Reed : Day Dream Moments at Rolly's Garage

Jon Reed : Day Dream Moments at Rolly's Garage

a little busy

Oh my…it’s been awhile. I had hoped to document my every move over the last few months, but I got a little too busy.

I finished up the year at school. The final project was a group video using paper. I haven’t really showed it around, but it’s kind of fun.

Pieces of a Lonely Day

I had also been very busy preparing for a photography show for the CONTACT Toronto Photography Festival 2009. It was the first time I had an entire wall to myself. This wall being a beautiful space on the 2nd floor of the Gladstone Hotel.

The hard part is the long list of decisions to be made about presentation. It went on for months. I was about to order custom mounting, when I saw an example of a glass-less mounting that I really liked-I always prefer images without the glare of glass-and I embarked on the unthinkable by doing all of my own mounting and making the frames from paint panels with less than 3 weeks to go.

There were so many ways in which things could have gone wrong but I was careful to always have back-ups..and someone stepped in and helped me through the entire hanging process. In the end, I think the wall looked great for a first timer.

EXPOSED 2009, at Gladstone Hotel, for CONTACT

Exposed 2009 Images

Now I’m off to list some new pendants on my Etsy shop. I need to pay for all of those art supplies!